Welcome to my website.  Here you you find my photography.  My main areas of focus in art are: Abstract, Hyper-realism, and Surrealism.  These art forms both shape and inspire my photography and writing.

Primarily, my photography is abstract with a focus on inanimate objects.  I also photograph the relationship between motion and colour which includes both objects and live subjects.  A primary influence on my colour photography is Mark Rothko; an abstract painter, whose use of bold colour in his paintings became an inspiration to my own use of colour in photography.  My black and white photography tends to focus on the dynamic motion of inanimate objects.  I do this to blur the line between realism and the surreal, in turn creating images that appear distorted to what they really are.  I also shoot long exposure images to capture the movement of a subject (be it a person or an object).  The images in my portfolio are distinctly divided between colour and black and white sections, with some of the images blending both.  My writing draws from: experimental Queer movements as well as surrealism and existentialism.  My primary inspirations are: Kenneth Anger, Jean Genet, Luis Buñuel, Michel Foucault, and Ingmar Bergman.  

I studied media studies at the University of Guelph-Humber specializing in image arts.  There, I learned a wide range of photography and filmmaking techniques, mostly centred on studio work and image manipulation which also contributed to my aptness for abstract photography.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me through the form.

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